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I enjoy reading financial blogs and learning from the experiences and opinions of people who have the same interests as I do. Because I had nobody to teach me how to achieve my financial and investing goals in real-life, I feel a certain connection with people who share their journey to financial independence with the public (and me) through their blogs.


I’ve been reading blogs for years and I’ve seen financial blogs come and go. Some showed great promise in the beginning then fizzled out. Some became so popular that their writers moved on to greater and better things like staging their own seminars both in the Philippines and abroad but stopped being active in their blogs. 


Now, I’m sharing with you the financial blogs I’ve been enjoying in the past year. This is my personal list of what I think are the best financial blogs in the Philippines in 2020. 


This list includes personal finance, investing, and financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) blogs catering to Filipino audiences all over the world.


I want to make clear at the outset that my list excludes financial bloggers that are working with/for insurance and investment companies as advisors or agents. Not because they’re no good (as a matter of fact, a lot of them are excellent writers) but because I think, for these bloggers, the main goal is to make a sale more than to share their journey and points of view. Like, I don’t think I can trust you if you’re trying to sell me an overpriced VUL. #sorrynotsorry


The blogs included in the list are also updated fairly regularly. So financial blogs who have amazing and original content but have not been updated in the last few months or years are out.


Another important criteria: these blogs offer unique perspective and new ways to look at financial topics other than the tried and boring “what is XXXX” and “how to XXX”, XXX being topics already been covered to death by other financial bloggers.  


Most importantly for me, I feel a certain connection with these bloggers, either with their story, their writing style, or their struggles. The writers are not just good writers but are also very relatable. These are the people who, on any given day, would make me think: I wonder what they did this week? Imma check their blog. 


Of course, this list is not the end-all, be-all of financial blogs in the Philippines. I mean, I’m just compiling my favorite financial bloggers based on my personal criteria here. If you want to share your favorite blogs, please feel free to write their sites in the comments, as well as the reasons you like them. 


In no particular order, here’s my list of the best financial blogs in the Philippines in 2020.


Best Financial Blog - Millionaire Acts

This is one of the oldest and most popular financial blogs in the Philippines. Tyrone Solee , the owner of Millionaire Acts, was able to achieve what many young professionals in the Philippines have only dreamt of: to be a millionaire while in their 20s. So this blog is #legit. 


Millionaire Acts now does not only have posts about investing in the Philippines, it only has a lot of entries about entrepreneurship, career development, and various tips on other related financial topics. My observation is, Millionaire Acts can be impersonal at times. But that doesn’t distract from the fact that most of the blog contents here are quality posts.


I very nearly dropped this blog from my list because he hasn’t posted anything since February 2019. Then a couple of weeks ago, his blog suddenly returned to life! So score for us readers!

Read Millionaire Acts here.


Best Financial Blog - Katie Scarlett Needs Money

Okay, just to get it out of the way. I’m sure you’re unsurprised to know that my own blog is one of my favorite blogs. In the world. Not just in the Philippines. I write about getting out of generational poverty, investing in the Philippines and abroad, achieving financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), and a lot of other stuff. I have a lot of original articles and I don’t shy away from giving my honest opinions and recommendations. 


Katie Scarlett Needs Money also has a very engaged audience (just notice the number of comments in some posts), asking questions/clarifications and generously sharing information with each other. The blog and its audience are awesome! 


Why is Katie Scarlett Needs Money is awesome, you ask? That question requires a long answer. Better to just read my story here.


best Financial Blog - The Thrifty Pinay

This is another new(ish) blog that is consistently producing quality content on the regular. Ameena, the Thrifty Pinay, writes exhaustive posts about basic and not so-basic savings and investing topics for people who are willing to learn and read through her long but straight to the point articles.


She is able to write articles and product reviews from the perspective of her previous roles of banker and accountant. Her voice is needed in the Philippines personal finance online space where frankly, there’s a lot of misinformation and malformed opinions. 


Read her blog here.


Best Financial Blog - Ready to be Rich

Ready To be Rich has got to be the most popular personal finance blog in the Philippines for the past decade. Fitz Villafuerte has been consistently producing content for more than 10 years and he hasn’t run out of things to say about money and investing. As a matter of fact, he’s even branching out to podcasting!


Unlike other famous popular personal finance bloggers, Fitz still caters to his online audience even though his talks and seminars both in the Philippines and abroad have substantial followings and attendance. When I become a grown up blogger, I want to be Fitz Villarfuerte. 


Read Ready To Be Rich here.


Best Financial Blog - Forever 20 Something Lawyer

Forever 20 Something Lawyer is one of my favorite blogs. Apart from her sensible financial and investing posts, I enjoy George’s advice for lawyers even though I’m not one. 😀  Where else in the Philippine blogosphere can we get free and regular financial advice from the point of view of a practicing lawyer? 


Apart from her being a lawyer though, I also love George’s posts about co-owning assets and properties with her husband. I’m not married myself but this is one of the things I’m apprehensive about for when I get married someday. 


I really appreciate Forever 20 Something Lawyer for writing about the challenges and issues related to investing and property ownership as a married person. And of course, I like reading her regular net worth updates. I don’t know her personally but I feel involved in her quest for FIRE.


Read Forever20somethinglawyer here


Best Financial Blog - Pinay Teenvestor

I’m in awe of this young lady. Her topics are diverse and interesting AND she writes most of her articles from personal experience. She’s not churning out advise because *she read it somewhere*. She actually traded forex, invested in crowdfunding, and was an online freelancer. 


Sheila, the woman behind Pinay Teenvestor, writes conversationally but with authority. The way she writes makes her topic approachable for young people and for those who have no background in financial topics. She makes you feel comfortable while you’re in her blog, even if she’s talking about a topic as complicated as cryptocurrency.


Read Pinay Teenvestor here.


Best Financial Blog - Savings Pinay

Before I started Katie Scarlett Needs Money, when Redditors asked me for recommendations for Filipino personal finance blogs to read, the first blog I tell them about was Savings Pinay. Izza Glino’s take on budgeting, savings, investing, and career is perfect for young professionals starting their journey towards understanding how money and investing works, looking for ways how to save money, and working towards achieving their financial and professional goals. 


What I love about Savings Pinay is that she’s not afraid to bare where she is currently at, financially. Her goals (which I always read :D) are the definition of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, all that good stuff) AND she’s not shy in saying if she was able to achieve her goals or not. 


Savings Pinay is the right mix of relatability and aspirational. Izza is your regular, friendly girl next door who likes traveling and other young people stuff. But she’s also driven and not afraid of the hustle. 


Read Savings Pinay here.


Best Financial Blog - Ambitious Pawn

Ambitious Pawn is a fairly new blog that started only in late 2018 but started posting fairly regularly in late 2019. Although content are limited at this time, I like visiting this site because the topics it cover are not often discussed in Philippine financial blogs. You can tell that Ambitious Pawn has an orderly mind by the way they clearly define their topics and give well-written arguments. 


Although most of their articles are short (hovering at around 3 to 5 paragraphs or so each), these are packed with evidence and reliable citations that I don’t even mind. The entries are just the right length as is. 


Ambitious Pawn, if you’re reading this, please don’t leave the internet! Keep on writing!


Read Ambitious Pawn here.

How about you? Do you like the blogs I mentioned above? Or do you have your own list of favorite blogs? Do you think they should be included in a list of best financial blogs in the Philippines? Please share your favorites in the comments! 

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  1. Woaaah thank you so much! Really, it’s an honor to be included in your list along with the finance bloggers I look up to 🙂 I noticed how well you’re doing with your blog as well. Just keep it up! Let’s continue spreading financial awareness to our fellows. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for this! I only know a few pinoy blogs and I got new bunch from this post. BTW, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! ❤ Keep Writing and Inspiring. I really learned a lot from reading your posts! ❤

  3. Hi Katiescarlett, thanks for including me in this list of awesome bloggers. Love your site and I do hope you keep writing! Pinoy personal finance bloggers (who sell you nothing) are few and hard to come by. Some come, some go (hopefully as they are [early] retired like pinasforgood). It’s always nice to read a local perspective from one of our own, wherever in the world they may be based.

  4. I would love to be a pro when it comes to time management so I’ll have more time to read blogs (not only about finance). It’s a hobby that I can do every day.

    Thanks for the list. I’ve been following some of the blogs for years now like Forever 20 Something Lawyer and Ready to be Rich. Ambitious Pawn is new to me so it’s time to get to know more about it (a euphemism for stalking).

    By the way, Fitz Villafuerte has a podcast, The 80 Percent. Sometimes it’s nice to listen while doing chores. Feels like I am a responsible adult that still can have fun.

    I wonder what will be added to the list. Just want to mention my favourite blog and millionairebefore50.

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