Government Scholarships for College Students

Government Scholarships for College Students in the Philippines

This post is the continuation of my series on the available scholarships for Filipino students. Like the my post Corporate Scholarships for College Students in the Philippines, I will keep this evergreen. Meaning I will constantly update it with new information. I also welcome contributions from readers so if you want to share your experiences about applications and whatnot, please feel free to write a comment or send me a message.  Be sure to check out the miscellaneous information section of each entry to find out how to monitor the openings yourselves as well as when call for applications are

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How to Invest for College

How to Invest for College – A Simple Method

If you’re a parent like me, one of your most important financial goals is to save and invest enough for your child’s college education. Even though there is an emerging trend in western and developed countries of people opting out of college, we in developing countries do not have the same luxury. If we ever want to ensure that our children stay out of poverty, have high paying jobs (if they choose to), and receive a modicum of respect from society, they need to attend and finish college. Periodt. Not saving enough money for your child’s college education is the

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Registan Square

Corporate Scholarships for College Students in the Philippines

Last year when my cousin was preparing to enter college, I compiled a list of scholarship programs in the Philippines to help pay for her fees and other expenses and to make her resumé attractive to future employers. When she got into the University of the Philippines where they don’t have to pay any fees, I totally forgot about it until the other week. I’m sharing this list of corporate scholarship programs in case you or anybody you know needs help paying for college. This post is solely for scholarship programs sponsored by private companies and rich people foundations. I

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