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4 Strategies You Can Use to Build an Emergency Fund

4 Strategies You Can Use to Build an Emergency Fund

Pin1ShareTweetShare1 SharesThis is post is contributed by Katie Scarlett Needs Money friend Sherry Jane. The year 2020, in its seeming entirety, is a stern reminder that we all need to set aside an emergency fund. Having money may not solve all of life’s uncertainties, but it can help tide one over during a difficult financial situation.   Emergency savings is different from ‘regular’ savings, and these funds should ideally be stored in separate bank accounts. The money held in a ‘regular’ savings account may be used for a much-awaited trip or to buy an item to commemorate a professional milestone;

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et Free Insurance BPI Save Up
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Make your money work harder by getting free insurance with BPI Save Up

PinShareTweetShare0 SharesI’m always looking for ways to make my money work harder. When I first learned about BPI Save Up more or less 10 years ago while I was still working at a BPO, I immediately opened one. I got to have automatic savings and free insurance? What’s not to like? Why not let my money do two things, instead of doing only one thing? Unfortunately, when I changed jobs my payroll bank account also changed. I didn’t bother keeping the BPI Save Up account active. After years of dormancy it became a regular savings account. I recently decided to

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Savings Tips That Will Change Your Life

Savings Tips That Will Change Your Life Part 1

Pin2ShareTweetShare2 SharesIn terms of looking for ways to save money, we’ve seen it all. Almost everyone has their go-to way to save, ranging from the mundane (clip and use coupons!) to petty criminality (take home toilet paper from work). In this post, I will share some savings tips that can potentially change your life. Potentially because it’s still up to you if you’ll apply them in your life.   All of these have and continues to work for me. I hope you can incorporate some of these ideas in your journey to a better financial future.   Saving money can

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