Book Review: Quit Like A Millionaire
Book Review

Review: Quit Like A Millionaire by Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung

As a personal finance education enthusiast, I love finding new PF literature that gives me new ideas. In the more than 15 years of consuming personal finance books and blogs, I’ve come to notice that many inevitably explore more or less the same ideas, with the best ones giving you a new a take on old wisdom and the bad ones being just basically bad rewording of personal finance classics. So it’s always such a surprise when I encounter works that combine existing knowledge with a different perspective while giving new and original ideas that make you think. That’s why

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Clothing Care Shoes Care

Save Money By Caring For Items You Already Own

Starting the beginning of this year, I pledged to continue being frugal when it comes to fashion by recycling whatever I have in my closet. So far, I am succeeding. As a professional woman in my 30s in a conservative working environment, I am slowly overhauling my wardrobe by upgrading pieces while still using my existing clothes and shoes, keeping them well-kept, tailoring them for my figure, and taking care of them in general. In this post, I will share my most important fashion tools and hacks to maximize existing clothing articles. I’ve searched for these solutions for a long

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Menstrual Cups Review
Products Services and Reviews

The Amazingness that is the Menstrual Cup – Ode to a Feminist Product

It’s very rare for one product to embody most, if not all, the ideals of a wise and ethical consumer: sustainable, economical, empowering, and socially responsible. I’m talking, obviously, about the wonder that is the menstrual cup.   A menstrual cup is a small cup made with latex or silicon inserted into the vaginal canal to catch your period. Unlike tampons and sanitary pads, menstrual cups do not absorb blood but collects them. This means you can use your menstrual cup longer each time. Unlike tampons and sanitary pads that have to be replaced every four hours (depending on how

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Initial Thoughts on First Metro Sec Pro
Financial Tools

Initial Thoughts on FirstMetroSec Pro

Hands down, of all Philippine online trading platforms I have used and/or seen, FirstMetroSec Pro is the best. It outstrips all other Philippine trading platforms by a mile.   I had the chance to use FirstMetroSec Pro since the beginning of April and what I have seen so far impressed me.  I’ve been comparing it to other local platforms – I have AB Capital Securities and BPI Trade and watched a lot of  COL videos and tutorials in Youtube – as well as with US downloadable and web-based platforms like TD Ameritrade’s Sink or Swim and the ones I used

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Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Review
Products Services and Reviews

Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Review

In my previous post, I explained why we should buy travel insurance and the criteria to keep in mind when buying one. I mentioned the many ways that a perfect vacation can suddenly turn into disaster due to medical emergency and the accompanying costs. So after doing hours upon hours of research reading about offering and trying to contact insurance providers and banks, I finally settled on one. Here is my Pacific Cross travel insurance review, where I lay out why chose this product and how easy it is to buy from them. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post

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How to choose the best travel insurance for Filipinos
Products Services and Reviews

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance for Filipinos

One of the things we often neglect when we go on trips abroad is buying travel insurance. We’re justifiably obsessed with getting the best deals on plane tickets and hotels, arranging itineraries, and researching “must have” experiences we shouldn’t miss. But when it comes to protecting ourselves from possible expenses such as accidents, missed flights, and other things that might negatively impact our travel, we turn a blind eye. We don’t want to “jinx” the trip by being “too negative”. [bctt tweet=”By the time we realize that we should’ve purchased travel insurance, we’re already in the middle of a very

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