Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Review

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In my previous post, I explained why we should buy travel insurance and the criteria to keep in mind when buying one. I mentioned the many ways that a perfect vacation can suddenly turn into disaster due to medical emergency and the accompanying costs. So after doing hours upon hours of research reading about offering and trying to contact insurance providers and banks, I finally settled on one. Here is my Pacific Cross travel insurance review, where I lay out why chose this product and how easy it is to buy from them.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post nor am I in any way compensated to write about this product. I just like writing about products that make people’s lives easier, especially for those of us who are based abroad. Also, I really hate companies that treat their clients like shit, as if buying products from them is a privilege. I’m talking about you, Philippine banks. Ooh, that’s an idea. I should probably write about banks and other companies (money, investment-related) that suck (backed by personal experience of course).

Why I chose Pacific Cross

In my last post, I mentioned several criteria important to me when buying travel insurance:

  1. The provider can be easily reached online. They must have an easily navigable, non-spammy website, with multiple ways of contacting the company. Also, very important. You must be able to buy and pay for the travel insurance online.
  2. Transparency – you know what you’ll be getting. You can access and read their travel insurance terms and conditions without having to talk to anyone to or going to an actual brick and mortar office first (and giving them a chance to sell you anything).
  3. Options for appropriate coverage. You should be able to choose the level of coverage you will get. Some people need higher coverage, others less.
  4. Coverage for travel inconvenience. In case you miss your flight for some unavoidable reason or you lose your passport.

Based on these, I was able to narrow down the options to Chubb and Pacific Cross Philippines. But I ultimately chose Pacific Cross because they are more transparent: their travel insurance benefits can be easily accessed on their website. Plus for some reason, at that time I thought that the name Chubb was too fun-sounding to be legit. I have since learned that Chubb is a legitimate company. I’ve seen their booths in several international airports with locals buying travel insurance coverage before going on their overseas trips.

Navigating the Pacific Cross site

Navigating and buying your travel insurance from the Pacific Cross website is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

First, click on the Buy TravelSafe Insurance button at the bottom of the page.

Pacific Cross Home Page

Next, there is a prompt reminding you of the necessity of buying travel insurance. If you’re just looking for information or just want to get a quote, click those buttons. But to proceed with the purchase, click on Buy Now.

Explanation Page

Input the necessary personal and travel information, including age, number of days of travel, where you’re headed, etc. If you or anyone in your party is outside of the 18 and 75 years old age range, you need to email I emailed them once to inquire about coverage for a minor and they answered back in less than 24 hours.

Travel Insurance Page

The page will refresh to show you the list of plans available and how much these plans are in pesos and US dollars. Click on the radio button for both the plan AND the currency. Then click on Next to proceed.

Travel Plan Selection

In case you want to read through all the benefits of your selected plan one more time, click on the View Benefits button. Another page will pop up.

Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Plans

On the main page, you will see this. Type your email address where they can send you a link for the next stage of your purchase. The email usually arrives in 5 minutes or less.Online Quote

Open your email for the Pacific Cross link. You will be directed to a site where you can type your information and assign your insurance beneficiaryProvide all the information being asked.

Click on the tick box agreeing to the terms and conditions of the sale then click on Next.

Purchase Page

The next page will summarize your personal information, travel information, and the insurance coverage you purchased.

You still have the chance to edit the entries here. If everything is in order, click to tick box to agree to the payment terms and conditions. The click on Pay Now.

Review Page

Follow the prompts and pay using your credit card and you’re done.

Your receipt and insurance coverage terms will be sent to you via email. Which you can then download on your phone or print for reference. I personally print the insurance paper in case of emergency.

Payment Page

Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Review

Many people think that buying travel insurance is an expensive and unnecessary expense. But notice that Pacific Cross has very reasonable rates. I usually buy PHP 1,000,000 in medical treatment benefits because that’s around USD 20,000 converted. That’s enough to cover most hospitalization expenses even in expensive, developed countries.

Are there other companies with more competitive rates? Possibly. But I haven’t heard of them. Why? Because they don’t have websites/they don’t answer emails/require you to physically go to their offices. I’d rather do business with companies who think about their clients’ convenience. I really like the fact that buying travel insurance with them is very straightforward and no-fuss.

One thing that really stood out for me is that they answer queries, fast. My emails were usually answered within the day. This is very comforting for me because when you’re dealing with medical emergencies, it’s very frustrating and can be scary when you can’t reach your insurance provider. Knowing that my emails will be answered as soon as possible gives me confidence that in the event that my companion/s need to be hospitalized, we won’t encounter communication problems. It gave us peace of mind and let us really enjoy travelling. Because of my very positive experience with Pacific Cross, I always recommend family, friends, and colleagues to buy travel insurance from them.

What do you think? Yay or nay for travel insurance? Want to share your experience with travel insurance? Hit me up in the comments.

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Pacific Cross review

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  1. This is not a review of Pacific Cross. You have basically said that you like the policy and the ease of which you can sign up and pay them. But the real ‘product’ when it comes to insurance is the claim. How can you call this a review when it makes no mention of the claims process?

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