Initial Thoughts on First Metro Sec Pro
Financial Tools

Initial Thoughts on FirstMetroSec Pro

Hands down, of all Philippine online trading platforms I have used and/or seen, FirstMetroSec Pro is the best. It outstrips all other Philippine trading platforms by a mile.   I had the chance to use FirstMetroSec Pro since the beginning of April and what I have seen so far impressed me.  I’ve been comparing it to other local platforms – I have AB Capital Securities and BPI Trade and watched a lot of  COL videos and tutorials in Youtube – as well as with US downloadable and web-based platforms like TD Ameritrade’s Sink or Swim and the ones I used

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Registan Square

Corporate Scholarships for College Students in the Philippines

Last year when my cousin was preparing to enter college, I compiled a list of scholarship programs in the Philippines to help pay for her fees and other expenses and to make her resumé attractive to future employers. When she got into the University of the Philippines where they don’t have to pay any fees, I totally forgot about it until the other week. I’m sharing this list of corporate scholarship programs in case you or anybody you know needs help paying for college. This post is solely for scholarship programs sponsored by private companies and rich people foundations. I

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Wandering in Tehran on Ashura

I knew that my trip was off to a roaring start when my Thai Airways plane en route to Tehran announced that alcohol is to be served less than an hour into the flight.  I have sworn off alcohol due to my fear of hangovers but decided to join in on the fun. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Iran; who knows when I will have it next.   Later in the trip, I had dinner in a restaurant along Valiasr in Tehran’s downtown district which listed mojitos (peach and mint) on the menu. My enthusiasm was doused when I was informed

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prepare to invest with these 8 money moves
Back to Basics

Prepare to Invest and Win at Life with these 8 Money Moves

A lot of people are so excited to grow their money that they just jump into the game without proper planning and without laying a strong financial foundation that will ensure investing success. I know a lot of people (not excluding myself) who will immediately find a way to “invest” as soon as they have some spare money, without proper planning and due diligence because they want to grow their money right away. This is usually how people become victims of investment scams, become cash cows for the fat commissions paid to unscrupulous financial agents who take advantage of people’s

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Ashura in Tehran

Accidental Pilgrim in Tehran on Ashura

Disclaimer: This post was originally published in my old travel blog, Erudite Traveller in 2017.   “It’s Ashura,” my guide said, surprised and confused when I asked why there were so many people on Tehran’s streets close to midnight. She probably assumed that I knew that  I will be in her country during a religious holiday. I didn’t. I wasn’t prepared to travel in Iran on Ashura.   Ashura, or the tenth day of the Muharram (the first month in the Islamic calendar), is considered one of the most important religious holidays for Shia Muslims. Iran is a Shia-majority country.

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Open TD Ameritrade Account Outside of the USA
Cross Border Investment

How to Open a TD Ameritrade Account Outside of the US as a Non Resident Alien

Those of us outside of the USA can only wish on the sidelines when Americans and those who have access to the US securities market talk about their plans on investing in some famous blue chip and/or tech stock or how they plan on putting their retirement money in a low-cost index ETF like the VTI (Vanguard Total Market ETF).  Well, I’m not about to just read about these amazing investments and be content with my lot in life. So I scoured the web and intensely researched how I, too, can invest in the USA even though I am a

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Romp Through the Lavender Field

A Romp Through the Lavender Field in South Korea

Not many people know that there is a lavender field in South Korea, and what’s more, that the farm is located in Gangwon Province, more or less only a couple of hours away from Seoul. A day trip to the field is well worth the effort of commuting to the northeasternmost county in South Korea. It’s also great news for people who want to see and experience lavender fields but cannot/do not want to go to Europe. The Hani Lavender Farm is located in the northernmost county of Gangwon Province, to the north of the traditional Korean summer destination Sokcho,

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Retirement for Pinoy professionals
PH Government Benefits

What Retirement Looks Like for the Regular Filipino Professional

In the Philippines, we have separate retirement schemes for those who are employed in the private sector and those in government. Private sector employees are covered by the Social Security System (SSS), while its counterpart is the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). Both are mandatory, which means that employees and employers alike cannot opt out of paying premiums, even if they think they can get better returns by investing somewhere else. As long as you’re employed, the government requires that your HR department deduct the right amount from your salary every month and remit it to SSS or GSIS. Both

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Get out of poverty 101
Psychology of Money

How to Break Your Financial Vicious Cycle Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about some causes of poverty. Now I’ll be sharing strategies and ideas to overcome and get out of poverty slowly, steps that you can personally take to break your financial cycle.  I did not discover these ideas all at once. These are the result of years of personal experience, thinking about stuff, deep conversations with people, and reading books and articles in different subjects including personal finance, logic, feminism, public policy, even fiction. I did not just wake up one day, and then bam! ideas! It took time. I’m sure there are a lot

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Financial Vicious Cycle Part 1
Psychology of Money

How to Break Your Financial Vicious Cycle Part 1

One of the many many reasons I blog is to share my experiences and strategies on how to break out of poverty just in case somebody out there in the nameless void can benefit from what I say. If there’s one thing that I pride myself on and consider myself an expert, it’s finding and implementing ways to break out of the financial vicious cycle. I was in poverty for the first couple of decades of my life. Getting out of poverty has taken me a good portion of the next decade. So I can claim that I have plenty

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