Open TD Ameritrade Account Outside of the USA
Cross Border Investment

How to Open a TD Ameritrade Account Outside of the US as a Non Resident Alien

Those of us outside of the USA can only wish on the sidelines when Americans and those who have access to the US securities market talk about their plans on investing in some famous blue chip and/or tech stock or how they plan on putting their retirement money in a low-cost index ETF like the VTI (Vanguard Total Market ETF).  Well, I’m not about to just read about these amazing investments and be content with my lot in life. So I scoured the web and intensely researched how I, too, can invest in the USA even though I am a

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Romp Through the Lavender Field

A Romp Through the Lavender Field in South Korea

Not many people know that there is a lavender field in South Korea, and what’s more, that the farm is located in Gangwon Province, more or less only a couple of hours away from Seoul. A day trip to the field is well worth the effort of commuting to the northeasternmost county in South Korea. It’s also great news for people who want to see and experience lavender fields but cannot/do not want to go to Europe. The Hani Lavender Farm is located in the northernmost county of Gangwon Province, to the north of the traditional Korean summer destination Sokcho,

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Retirement for Pinoy professionals
PH Government Benefits

What Retirement Looks Like for the Regular Filipino Professional

In the Philippines, we have separate retirement schemes for those who are employed in the private sector and those in government. Private sector employees are covered by the Social Security System (SSS), while its counterpart is the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). Both are mandatory, which means that employees and employers alike cannot opt-out of paying premiums, even if they think they can get better returns by investing somewhere else. As long as you’re employed, the government requires that your HR department deduct the right amount from your salary every month and remit it to SSS or GSIS. Both SSS

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Get out of poverty 101
Psychology of Money

How to Break Your Financial Vicious Cycle Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about some causes of poverty. Now I’ll be sharing strategies and ideas to overcome and get out of poverty slowly, steps that you can personally take to break your financial cycle.  I did not discover these ideas all at once. These are the result of years of personal experience, thinking about stuff, deep conversations with people, and reading books and articles in different subjects including personal finance, logic, feminism, public policy, even fiction. I did not just wake up one day, and then bam! ideas! It took time. I’m sure there are a lot

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Financial Vicious Cycle Part 1
Psychology of Money

How to Break Your Financial Vicious Cycle Part 1

One of the many many reasons I blog is to share my experiences and strategies on how to break out of poverty just in case somebody out there in the nameless void can benefit from what I say. If there’s one thing that I pride myself on and consider myself an expert, it’s finding and implementing ways to break out of the financial vicious cycle. I was in poverty for the first couple of decades of my life. Getting out of poverty has taken me a good portion of the next decade. So I can claim that I have plenty

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et Free Insurance BPI Save Up
Back to Basics

Make your money work harder by getting free insurance with BPI Save Up

I’m always looking for ways to make my money work harder. When I first learned about BPI Save Up more or less 10 years ago while I was still working at a BPO, I immediately opened one. I got to have automatic savings and free insurance? What’s not to like? Why not let my money do two things, instead of doing only one thing? Unfortunately, when I changed jobs my payroll bank account also changed. I didn’t bother keeping the BPI Save Up account active. After years of dormancy it became a regular savings account. I recently decided to open

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My Net Worth as of January 2019 and Goals
Net Worth Report

My Net Worth at the Beginning of 2019 and Goals for 2019

I’m a bit nervous about revealing my net worth online because I’m usually a very private person and would rather keep these things to myself.  But if I’m going to commit to my financial literacy advocacy, I think it’s a great idea to write regular net worth updates in this blog. Plus Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love) told me that I should give myself permission to be more open and start sharing some personal things.   At first I was actually scared to write down my net worth because I felt I didn’t do enough to improve my

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What is PERA and why you need one right now

What is PERA and why you need one right now

Personally, I don’t want to grow old poor. I’m sure you don’t want to be poor when you grow old either. And I bet that nobody in the world ever wants to be old and poor. So in order to help Pinoys prepare to be not poor when they’re old, I will discuss PERA in-depth, and why you need one right now. Retirement planning is a crucial yet regretfully neglected part of financial planning in the Philippines. People usually put off saving for retirement in the last 5 to 10 years of their working lives.  Unfortunately, the money they save

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Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Review
Products Services and Reviews

Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Review

In my previous post, I explained why we should buy travel insurance and the criteria to keep in mind when buying one. I mentioned the many ways that a perfect vacation can suddenly turn into disaster due to medical emergency and the accompanying costs. So after doing hours upon hours of research reading about offering and trying to contact insurance providers and banks, I finally settled on one. Here is my Pacific Cross travel insurance review, where I lay out why chose this product and how easy it is to buy from them. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post

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How to choose the best travel insurance for Filipinos
Products Services and Reviews

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance for Filipinos

One of the things we often neglect when we go on trips abroad is buying travel insurance. We’re justifiably obsessed with getting the best deals on plane tickets and hotels, arranging itineraries, and researching “must have” experiences we shouldn’t miss. But when it comes to protecting ourselves from possible expenses such as accidents, missed flights, and other things that might negatively impact our travel, we turn a blind eye. We don’t want to “jinx” the trip by being “too negative”. [bctt tweet=”By the time we realize that we should’ve purchased travel insurance, we’re already in the middle of a very

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