The Noob's Guide to Crypto Games

The Noob’s Guide to Crypto Games

Reddit2PinShareTweetShareClipVibeWhatsAppTelegramPrintEmail2 SharesOne of the best things I’ve heard about in recent months is the rise of crypto games.   Crypto games, also called NFT (non-fungible token) games, blockchain games or play-to-earn games, have enjoyed exponential popularity and growth in the past year. Crypto gaming is probably the biggest reason why a lot of people are suddenly more interested and involved in cryptocurrency in many areas in Southeast Asia and South America.   As I shared in my last post here, I developed a deep interest in crypto gaming because of its potential not only as an investment vehicle but more

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ust minding myself and
Personal Updates

Hello, I hope to stick around this time

RedditPinShareTweetShareClipVibeWhatsAppTelegramPrintEmail0 SharesIt’s been a minute since I last updated this blog and I feel I have so much to share that I don’t know where to begin.   I spent the last few months taking a long sabbatical from many things to concentrate on work, motherhood, mental health, and of course, wealth-building.   But before I get into that story, I wish to apologize to my readers who were waiting for any updates on this blog and thank everyone who sent me messages asking about my whereabouts and general well-being. I am alive and doing well so far, although I

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