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My Net Worth at the Beginning of 2019 and Goals for 2019

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My Net Worth as of January 2019 and Goals

I’m a bit nervous about revealing my net worth online because I’m usually a very private person and would rather keep these things to myself.  But if I’m going to commit to my financial literacy advocacy, I think it’s a great idea to write regular net worth updates in this blog. Plus Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love) told me that I should give myself permission to be more open and start sharing some personal things.   At first I was actually scared to write down my net worth because I felt I didn’t do enough to improve my finances in 2018. Yes, I adapted Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps into my personal life. But I faced a lot of financial challenges last year, including the months-long hospital stay of a close family member, which I paid for. Also, my parents’ savings were wiped out and their income significantly dropped. […]