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How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance for Filipinos

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How to choose the best travel insurance for Filipinos

One of the things we often neglect when we go on trips abroad is buying travel insurance. We’re justifiably obsessed with getting the best deals on plane tickets and hotels, arranging itineraries, and researching “must have” experiences we shouldn’t miss. But when it comes to protecting ourselves from possible expenses such as accidents, missed flights, and other things that might negatively impact our travel, we turn a blind eye. We don’t want to “jinx” the trip by being “too negative”. By the time we realize that we should’ve purchased travel insurance, we’re already in the middle of a very expensive mess. In this post, I will share my insights for shopping for the best travel insurance for Filipinos.   Why travel insurance for Filipinos? We hope that our trips will be problem- and accident-free that many of us fail to properly prepare for sudden health issues. But the fact is, […]